Hammam Ritual

Steam Room session plus full body exfoliation                                                 £59

Recommended add-on with all Hammam treatments:

Hair wash and conditioner                  £5

For steam treatments your journey continues as you are taken to the steam room to immerse yourself in the warm vapour. You are then taken through to the treatment room where “savon noir” black vegan soap is applied to the body. Exfoliation of the full body with a special glove (kees) follows, leaving your skin soft and smooth. A gentle exfoliating cream is applied to the sensitive skin of the face followed by a Rassoul (clay from the Atlas Mountains) face mask to purify the complexion. Soap and muslin is applied then rinsed with soft water to end the treatment. This is a beauty treatment like no other. The difference is felt as soon as you step out of the treatment room - your skin is glowing and you feel rejuvenated.
(55 minutes)


Hammam Ritual plus Light Massage with Argan Oil

Steam Room session plus full body exfoliation plus light massage with argan oil                                                   £79

The therapeutic properties of argan oil have recently been discovered by the Western cosmetic industry but Argan oil has been a mainstay of Moroccan culinary and cosmetic use for centuries. Argan oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants known for their protecting and healing properties and there is no better time to benefit from this than as part of a Hammam ritual as the skin is fully cleansed and ready to absorb nourishment from the oil. A 20 minute light massage follows the Hammam Ritual described above.
(75 minutes)

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