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Well-Being Aromatherapy
Full Body Massage

For all massage treatments the therapist will discuss your preferred pressure and aromatherapy blend         

In our wellbeing massage, you will choose from 3 blends of essential oils, the therapist uses various massage techniques to relax muscles, to stimulate circulation and to release tension and pain. Meanwhile, aromas from essential oils restore calm and balance to your body and mind.

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Aromatherapy Back and Neck Massage

The focus is on releasing tension from the back, shoulder and neck areas.


Foot and Leg Massage

Feet often get maltreated by a sedentary lifestyle, tight shoes or long periods of standing up. In this treatment, the focus is on improving circulation and relieving fatigue. Foot massage is not only very relaxing and pleasurable, it is known to alleviate back pain too.


Reflexology and Foot Massage

This is a treatment in which the therapist works on reflex points on your feet that are thought to relate to specific organs. Reflexology, also called zone therapy, consists of stimulating these points with finger pressure to trigger nerve signals and endorphins and promote health in those organs and glands. Foot massage follows the applied reflexology pressure treatment. The benefit of this treatment is felt by the entire body as it has similar effect to other massage and is ideal for those who don’t like to undress for a therapy treatment.

Foot Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Full Body                                                   

Back & Neck                                            

Hot stone massage uses hands and hot basalt stones in a variety of techniques to relieve tension in the muscles. The heat from the stones penetrates the skin creating deep muscle relaxation, improving circulation and relieving pain.

Healing Stones
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