Pricing Summary

An overview into all treatments offered at Adonia Spa and their associated prices

Hammam Treatment

Steam session plus Full Body Exfoliation using black soap and kees mit    £55

          Add-on hair wash and condition                                                                             £5

Hammam Treatment plus Massage

 The Ultimate Spa: Hammam Treatment plus Full Body Massage                              £105

Hammam Treatment plus Organic Argon Oil Light Massage                                      £75

Hammam Treatment plus Back & Neck Massage                                                             £85

Hammam Treatment plus Foot & Leg Massage                                                                 £85

Hammam Treatment plus Indian Head Massage                                                               £85

Hammam Treatment plus Reflexology and Foot Massage                                          £90


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage                                                                                           £55

Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage                                                                                   £35

Aromatherapy Foot & Leg Massage                                                                                       £35

Indian Head Massage (Shoulders, Neck, Scalp, Face)                                                  £35

Reflexology and Foot Massage                                                                                                  £40

Face Massage                                                                                                                                    £35

Hot Stone Massage (Full Body)                                                                                                 £65

Hot Stone Massage (Back & Neck)                                                                                          £40

Steam Session (half an hour) and Massage

Steam Session plus Aromatherapy Full Body Massage                                           £70

Steam Session plus Back & Neck Massage                                                                   £50

Steam Session plus Foot & Leg Massage                                                                      £50

Steam Session plus Indian Head Massage                                                                    £50

Steam Session plus Reflexology and Foot Massage                                                £55

Steam Session plus Facial                                                                                                      £50


Facial with Neal’s Yard Remedies (Clean, Green, Natural & Organic)                £45

Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation                                                                                                        £42